Domestic travel is fun! Our family went to domestic travel this May.


I've decided to travel domestically free from long ago.

I've decided to travel domestically free from long ago. Going in the style of group charter bus, it just makes me feel like going alone and I lack autonomy. If you are going the same, planning yourself, acting by yourself, walking on your own feet will deepen your emotions and memories. Among them the most impressive thing was when I traveled in Hokkaido Hokkaido. Sightseeing buses will enter steadily for sightseeing spots, only in some of the best sightseeing spots in Hokkaido. Since the heating is effective in the sightseeing buses, everyone is lightly decorated, such as Hokkaido in autumn and a sweater. On the other hand, we are traveling on a free plan, because we use public transportation and walk with our own feet, we will catch the coldness of Hakodate in autumn. I firmly wear a jacket and walked with a big baggage. Group tourists visited the tour in a panic, purchased souvenirs, gourmet local food soon, quickly returned to the bus to the next destination. While looking at it on the side of the street, some people looked at us for a while to taste the soft cream of the dairy kingdom ・ Hokkaido slowly. I was able to enjoy the night view slowly without worrying about the time because I went free. When there is trouble there is not a person who can depend on, but there are also serious aspects, but I think that it is good to plan oneself and enjoy it free as much as a domestic trip.