Domestic travel is fun! Our family went to domestic travel this May.


Introduction of Flamingo tour [work colleagues with only sake, all are alr...

Introduction of Flamingo tour [work colleagues with only sake, all are already retiring]. This time it is the castle town, Kamihachiman, where the upper stream of Nagara River, Yoshida River etc. meet and flow through the town. Kansai Members Eight participants participated this time at 8:35 from a new rapid departure from Sannomiya It was a train trip from Maibara, Gifu, and Takayama to Mino-Taota and Nagara River train to Gujo-hachiman. Staying overnight at our place Fukinooyu's We leave luggage for luggage and walk around the town immediately. There are plenty of waterways flowing through the town, like the living water and the fire prevention feeling, it is called Okumino's small Kyoto, the place where the residence is narrow is many, and the atmosphere is something nostalgic. Viewing Gujo Hachiman Castle from the bottom, we also visited a fountain that springs out that it was chosen as one hundred election water of Sosaki water, a tidy of the souvenir shop, tonight's alcohol procurement is also over, we are close to the Sosyu water I returned to the inn. 4 persons from the Kanto group and Atto separately from the Kanto region waiting for Mr. T who will take over the Shinkansen, limited express, toast with a beer before the dinner. At 6:30 pm party start, Hida beef tapping, Asami, salt-fried sweetfish are delicious. Recent reports on each of the members of the party at the banquet, the second meeting after gathering in a room after the party, everyone was still fine as usual.

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