Domestic travel is fun! Our family went to domestic travel this May.


It took a lot of traveling expenses, but it was a trip to Hokkaido that I ...

It took a lot of traveling expenses, but it was a trip to Hokkaido that I thought it was attractive for domestic travel. At 7:35 Departure from Haneda, arrived at Hakodate Airport around 8:30. Wander around Motomachi in Hakodate, turn around around the Karimori brick warehouse and others, such as Harris Orthodox Church who cheeks soft cream earlier than sightseeing. In Goryokaku, it went up to a tower with a height of 90 m, the observation deck became an inverted triangle, the feet were scooped and the child was scared and could not drop near the window But it was good that I could see the star-shaped castle V I found Lucky Clown near Goryokaku and I ate No.1 popular Chinese Chicken Burger and Silk Mix Soft, but the burgers' crisp feeling was delicious - at noon they ate the citrus fruit and hair crab at the Hakodate Strait Market, Trapisutinu I went to the monastery, finished early dinner at the Yu River hot spring, I saw a very beautiful night view at Mt. Hakodate. It is magnificent as it is counted in the three biggest night view of the world and it is impressive and it was impressed to see the fishing fishing of the squid also impressed In Hakodate mountain it seems that general vehicles can not pass through until 10 pm it seems that we have to use ropeway ... But, I remembered it! It is! For me it is never again, I think it was impressed.

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