Domestic travel is fun! Our family went to domestic travel this May.


When I talk about my domestic travel experience, I sometimes run a motorcy...

When I talk about my domestic travel experience, I sometimes run a motorcycle all the time on the Japan Sea side of Honshu. I ran from Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi to Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori, the season was autumn, but after about a week I remember traveling by myself. Why did you say such a journey, there is no other reason, I like the sea on the side of the Sea of ??Japan, because it is a strong sea of ??strong waves that appears in ukiyoe, a powerful and delicate sea Ne, I feel like that, I guess it was feeling I wanted to run all the time. Especially, it was a journey that I had never met with people, but while I was running on the side of the Sea of ??Japan, I thought pretty much alone, I wonder what it is like to travel like this for what purpose, how does life in the future It seems like I was running while thinking about all things pretty much alive. After all, it was a bike trip that I ran and rang while feeling the Sea of ??Japan, just thinking about whether I got something answered on that trip, but that kind of thing I guess there is no answer to my trip, so I guess people will travel Just because life is like traveling is not that sort of thing, I felt such a thing Domestic travel It was a solo traveling by motorcycle.

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